Schatte - International

For our regular customers we are operating on a global basis - as a partner for modern engineering and traditional craft.

During 100 years of its company history the Otto Schatte Ltd developed constantly and grew continuously. From the beginning as a small electronic company, we have been expanding into a universal supplier of building technology, renewable energies, plant construction,  electronic instrumentation and control technology as well as lighting technology. As one of Lübeck’s traditional companies, Otto Schatte Ltd offers an extensive customer service, available at all times. People know us, appreciate us worldwide and they expect a lot from us. That is what drives us and motivates us every day.

Projects worldwide

Actual overview of the finished projects around the globe:

Germany, Denmark, Austria, Syria, Jordan, China, Australia, Spain, Great Britain.

Building technology

We equip pretty much every kind of building with our technology. Apart from wide-ranging electro-technical works we offer the entire range of sanitary technology, heating technology, climate control and ventilation technology. Furthermore we do have a department, which is solely responsible for safety technology, building automation and information technology for buildings.
In Northern Germany we supervise several hundred projects a year with a single order volume of up to 1.5 million Euros.

Renewable energies

For more than 30 years we have dealt with renewable energies and have gained a huge amount of experience, which is used appropriately for your construction. We install and supply not only photovoltaic systems, but offer efficient heat pumps and solar thermal installations in Lübeck and its surroundings.

Plant construction

Let it be the building of sewage treatment and water works plants or the food industry: We are everywhere with our pumps, conveyance and pipeline technology and make sure, that everything is in a constant state of flux.

Electronic instrumentation and control technology

Everywhere where something needs to be measured, controlled and regulated, is where we come in. Thanks to our innovative E/I&C technology we can provide any analysis and control instruments, to meet your personal requirements.

Lighting technology

At our traditional location at Steinrader Weg 2 in Lübeck you find the lamp shop with a huge choice of high quality lamps. Apart from that we offer the development of professional lighting concepts for your rooms and provide all installation work on site.

Customer service

If there is a technical failure or you are planning just a small project, our customer service is always available. You can reach us anytime through our 24-hour service. In addition, our customer service offers regular maintenance to ensure the functionality and reliability of your plant.

The co-ordination of all technical interfaces is carried out in-house, which means short distances, rapid processes and a minimum of co-ordination effort for everyone involved.

Our engineering analysis during the planning phase, the exact work preparation of our designers and the top quality handicraft of our experts and fitters make sure, that you can be at ease to leave your projects in our hands.

You may not find Mr. Schatte anymore, but we offer 230 motivated employees, who will take care of your projects anytime. Contact us and get to know us!